Creative Branding


Generally speaking, the most important and somewhat daunting task you will encounter is determining the correct positioning of your product and conceptualizing its identity.  Our mission is to define who you want to be. And what you want to be good at. Your brand should define what you do and who you are, literally.

The most important goal or objective for this effort should be that the brand or brands we ultimately create reflect the company you aspire to be. Disregard the company you are in today, and focus on the company you envision becoming tomorrow.


Doing any branding exercise is a lot like building a house. By that we mean you can build a small, 2000 square foot house, or a mansion. They are both houses – but radically different in almost every respect. The truth is you need a good set of plans.

We recommend writing a solid brand brief that will summarize the company’s current situation, mission, products, target audiences, competition, obstacles to success, brand position, brand attributes, main benefits, reasons to believe, and key message points.


Logos are near and dear to the heart of any organization.  We’ll help you create the mark to ensure you look like a successful, growing, company in a very vital industry.

Once the new logo has been approved, we will produce the new brand’s Style Guide. This 8- 10 page document will contain the new rules and regulations outlining the uses of the new logo – including acceptable colors and relationships in various external applications.


Once the new logo and style guide are finalized, Keeney will create a corporate business materials package that will include printer-ready files for new business cards, letterhead, envelopes, labels, note cards, pocket folders, and email stationery that are deemed necessary for the daily communications needs of any business.

Branding & Creative

Item Creative Services Rate Hours Estimated Price
Research & Discovery TBD Free
Branding TBD Call for price
Basic Logo Development TBD 10 $500.00
Business Materials TBD 25 $2000.00



In an effort to better understand your future position in the marketplace, the competition, and to validate where there are strategic opportunities for growth, it is important that we meet with and interview key executives and staff. In addition to those activities, we would review any existing, non-sensitive, client data or research you may have, as well as, any competitor intelligence.  ** The prices above are estimated based on average hours and associated costs.