Ecommerce / ERP

We provide small, mid-size and enterprise-level businesses alike with custom built ERP, SAAS, and ecommerce systems that are built to support recurring business processes like procurement, sales ordering, payments, account management, logistics, manufacturing, forecasting, and project management functions. At Keeney, we offer complete solutions for the assimilation and automation of data and information within your business.

It is from this perspective that we approach all projects.
From strategy, advertising and design to social, digital and product innovation, we’re good at finding new solutions to old problems that can affect almost every aspect of a business.

Web Development

Here’s the basics. Building a website is a lot like building a house. By that we mean you can build a small, 2000 square foot house, or a mansion. They are both houses – but radically different in almost every respect. The truth is you need a good set of plans.

At Keeney, our mission is to help you create the company you aspire to be. Disregard the company you are today, and focus on the company you envision becoming tomorrow. We believe a good website shapes a company and prepares it for the future. That’s what we’ll do together – decipher and communicate the future of your brand on the web.

At Keeney, we recommend writing a solid brand brief that summarizes your current situation, mission, products, target audiences, competition, obstacles to success, brand position, brand attributes, main benefits, reasons to believe and key message points.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers
to align on objectives that create a real vision
for what success looks like.

There are variations from site to site, but these 8 steps, are the usual milestones used in the progression of the build.

1. Research

External research conducted by Keeney will include a comprehensive industry review and competitive analysis as well as identification of the client’s primary target audiences. Internal research activities will include stakeholder input meetings and interviews.

2. Navigation

Once we have established the core site’s functions and capabilities, we will begin the creation of the sitemap, identification of the persistent site elements, and initiate a keyword analysis for development of an SEO focused navigational architecture.

A solid SEO friendly structure is essential for your website. Many individuals will use search engines to find your organization, so it is imperative that your website have strong search visibility to take advantage of those searches. This SEO preparation begins on the website architecture level. Additionally, an ongoing SEO program is needed to keep your website ranking high and adapting to changes in the search environment.

Keeney will begin usability analysis and identify the direction of core features and functions. We also begin the placement of navigation, features, functions and core elements within the website framework.

3. Creative & Design

We will use the brand study provided by the client. Now we begin the translation of those brand elements into the design itself. We bring the wireframes to life with custom graphics, animations, and unique user-friendly design elements that compel the user to interact with the brand.

4. Programming

This process integrates the elements agreed to in the design and wire frame portions of the project with programming and actual development of the website. Customizing the content management system (CMS), database integration and password-protected areas of the site are the focus in this phase.

5. Testing

This stage involves the use of manual and automated processes to ensure ease-of-use and accurate delivery of services. Testing also includes bringing the website live on a developmental server.

Your website will be developed on our beta testing platform. This allows you the opportunity to view your work as it’s developed. You will be given opportunities to provide feedback and approvals throughout the project milestones (which will be set prior to project development).

There’s nothing fun about a surprise during this process, which is why we take this aspect of our work very seriously. This attention to detail ensures that the final results of our collaboration are as planned and intended.

6. Quality Assurance

On-screen review and testing of all pages, features, content and core elements on multiple platforms and browser versions is the mission in this exercise.

7. Training

Keeney will train and educate key staff members on all website features, functions and use of the CMS. This coincides with the launch of the website.

8. Launch

We bring your new website live to greet the world. All responsibilities of the launch are on us. This launch can be universal or segregated based on the direction given by the client.