Terms Conditions

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Maintenance hours for websites will not accrue from month to month.  If in the event the client would rather perform those hours on Search Engine Optimization, Facebook/Instagram Advertising, Pay Per Click Campaign Management, Reputation Management, Website Development or any of the other services we provide, they will have that option as well.  Keeney service plans will be billed in advance and due on the first day of the service month. Each customer will set up recurring payments that allow for 30-day termination. To initiate service, each new customer will agree and pay the first month’s fee.

Any outstanding balances must be paid in order to have websites transferred to other hosting entities at termination.  Additional hours for any service in a given month can be requested. A separate invoice will be billed at the conclusion of the work ordered and due upon receipt.




* At Keeney, we understand the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses. While adhering to strict and predictable budget requirements, independent or small businesses need specific support activities that are focused on results. Keeney provides all the support and expertise necessary to help entrepreneurs and small businesses be successful on the web.

Please Note:  Because of the nature of the ongoing services we provide, Keeney Web Service Packages can be customized to better fit needs and budget requirements and provide for a 30 day cancellation.

**  We take careful consideration to evaluate pricing rates, target audience demographics, geolocation, and many other factors that might effect the success of our paid advertising campaigns.